3 Circles of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is full of circles. The most basic of which are the rolling vertical circle, the facing vertical circle & the horizontal circle.

The rolling vertical circle is like the wheel of a bicycle, think of a wheel rolling forward or back. The facing vertical circle would be like a clockface, clockwise or anticlockwise. The horizontal circle would be like standing in front of a circular table, again clockwise or anticlockwise.

But there's more. One circle can transform or partially transform into another. Circles in the torso interact with circles in the feet or the knees, the elbows, the hands. An elbow may perform one circle, A hand another and yet another in the foot, all controlled (eventually) by the lower Dantian.

The result of all this combined circling is to integrate the energy matrix of the body, increasing qi flow and raising the power levels of your tai chi practice.


workshop date

28 April 2018
10.00am – to – 1.00pm

Cost: £40


Hanover Community Centre
33 Southover Street

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